Why do we need a Master Plan for the site?

    Kingston, along with the rest of Melbourne, has experienced significant population growth. At the same time, we’ve seen a boom in sport and recreation participation from women and girls. The result is sporting clubs in Kingston are growing from strength to strength - which is great!

    But we also know that changes in work patterns and lifestyle, and cost, time and transport issues, are all driving people to active recreation options that best fit individual circumstances. Walking, fitness and gym, swimming, and jogging/running are some of the highest participated activities.

    This all means there is greater demand for playing fields, change rooms, playgrounds, walking trails, cycling paths and other public facilities to support participation – which Council is under increasing pressure to provide.

    As part of Council's commitment to improve its open spaces, developing a Master Plan for GR Bricker Reserve (West) allows Council to work collaboratively with the community to set the long-term vision of the reserve to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the community now and into the future.

    Will there be more parking provided?


    A redesign of the existing car park and creation of an additional parking area has created 53 new parking spots, reducing congestion and improving overall safety for all reserve users.

    Will the sports lighting impact on surrounding properties?

    Modern sports lighting has come a long way in recent years, with improved technology that targets where light is directed and minimises light spillage.

    The proposed sports lighting would be designed in accordance with Australian Standards - which has specific controls relating to glare and lighting levels at property boundaries. Council would engage an independent consultant to design the sports lighting to certify that it meets Australian Standards.

    It is common practice that sports lighting is not to be used after 9pm.

    Will there be an approved dog off-leash area?

    Recognising that exercise, play and socialisation are important for the health and happiness of you and your dog, the existing dog off-leash area on the Eastern side of Rowans Road (adjacent to the Steam Locomotive Society) will remain a designated dog off-leash area.

    The sporting areas on the Western side of Rowans Road will remain a dog on-leash area. Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club will continue to be allowed to conduct dog off-leash activities during approved training times. 

    Where can I ride my bike as we can no longer ride on the athletics track?

    Kingston Council and the Victorian Government recently invested $1.2 million to install a new modern rubber surface on the athletics track which has greatly improved conditions for the 250 junior athletes at the Moorabbin Little Athletics Club.  

    Council sporting facilities are open for use by the whole community outside of designated times, however Council wants to avoid damage of the new rubber track as it is more susceptible to damage than the old asphalt track. If we look after this track properly it’ll serve the needs of the athletes young and old for many, many years to come and ensure we can continue to provide top-quality facilities to help local sporting clubs promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Since the new track has been installed, a number of local families now use the gravel pathways throughout GR Bricker Reserve East, and Council encourages families to keep using these alternatives.

    Additional path networks are also being proposed as part of the GR Bricker Reserve West Master Plan, which in tandem with recent pedestrian crossing improvements across Rowans Road should make both sides of the reserve more accessible and suitable for use.

    Will safety be improved at the entry/exit point when connecting with busy Rowans Road?

    A number of new pedestrian entry points are being proposed that aims to provide appropriate separation between vehicles and pedestrians accessing the reserve.

    Additionally, the existing vehicle entry point is proposed to be realigned and widened to allow for safe vehicular access to and from Rowans Road. An additional parking area with its own vehicle access road is also being proposed, which will help minimise the number of vehicles entering and exiting at a single entry/exit point at any one time.

    Will any trees need to be removed?

    An overall aim of the Master Plan is to retain as many trees as possible, however the proposed development on site does necessitate the removal of 10 trees.

    However, to offset any loss Council will continue to invest in the establishment of new trees and vegetation wherever possible, with 86 new trees being proposed for the site. 

    The use of tree canopy as additional shade for visitors to the reserve, and the creation of vegetated entry points will help improve the biodiversity value of the reserve.

    Will the current sporting clubs/community groups continue at the site?

    Council will continue to support all of the existing formal park users in continuing to use the site. 

    The user groups that currently call GR Bricker Reserve home are:

    ·  Moorabbin Little Athletics Club

    ·  Moorabbin Obedience Dog Club

    ·  Omega Cricket Club

    ·  Southern Football Netball League Umpires Association

    However, changing trends in the provision of sport and recreation and other services may necessitate a review of user groups on site in the future. 

    This could include things like introducing an additional sporting club during the Winter sporting season to help alleviate a congested training and match schedule across Kingston’s sports grounds.

    When will the current temporary fencing be removed?

    Fencing upgrades have been identified as a high priority and will be implemented as soon as possible, pending Council budget process.

    If approved, when will the changes be implemented?

    Master Plans are prepared to provide an outline for the future of the site, with funding then sought in Council's Budget process in future years and from the Victorian Government. 

    For that reason works can occur in stages as funding becomes available. 

    The Victorian Government has already committed $3 million towards the pavilion upgrade at Bricker Reserve.  

    The recent upgrade of the athletics track was co-funded by Council and the Victorian Government.