What is cultural diversity?

    Cultural diversity relates to a person’s country of birth, their ancestry, the country of birth of their parents, the languages they speak, whether they are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, and their religious affiliation. 

    What does cultural diversity look like in Kingston?

    Cultural diversity in Kingston has increased between 2011 and 2016 and this trend is likely to continue. Kingston residents come from over 150 countries, speaking 120 languages and follow over 28 different faiths.

    ·  23% of Kingston’s residents are born overseas

    ·  69% of residents speak English only

    ·  26% of residents speak a language other than English at home

    ·  60% of residents nominate a religion while 32% nominate no religion

    What is the Multicultural Action Plan (MAP)?

    The MAP is a strategic framework which outlines priority areas and a series of actions for Council to be more responsive to cultural diversity. By celebrating multiculturalism and welcoming and respecting individuals with diverse backgrounds, we enhance liveability, economic prosperity, physical health and social lives. 2013-2017 priority areas are:

    1)  Equitable Services: Support Council programs and services to be accessible, flexible, culturally appropriate, and responsive to emerging needs in the local community

    2)  Strong and Inclusive Communities: Support the development of people from multicultural communities, and to promote messages of respect and valuing of all community members

    3)  Responsive Organisation: Develop the City of Kingston as a culturally responsive place to work and ensure Councillors and Council staff are skilled at supporting and promoting multiculturalism in the community.

    How will my input influence Kingston’s new MAP?

    The community input will be collated, considered and incorporated within the draft MAP. The draft MAP will be presented to Council in early 2018. This document will then made available for public comment before being adopted by Council.

    Who can I contact to find out more?

    Contact the Social Development Team: community@kingston.vic.gov.au or 9581 4783.

    How can I access information about cultural diversity in Kingston?