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Draft Fair Access Policy - Survey

Have your say on our Draft Fair Access Policy.

Personal information provided by you will be collected for the purpose of considering this matter or any other directly related municipal purpose. The personal information will not be disclosed to any other external party without your consent, unless required or authorised by law. You may apply to access, or seek amendment of, your personal information by contacting Council on 1300 653 356 or by email


Which of the following best describes your use of sport and recreation facilities in Kingston? (E.g. Ovals, pitches, nets, goals etc)

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Are you a member of a sporting club in Kingston?

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Do you support Kingston's Draft Fair Access Policy?

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Incorporate the gender equality aspect into their policies. Develop inclusion statement for the club.
Clubs to display images, testimonies, posters that promotes inclusion and diversity, in club rooms and via their social media channels.
Provide feedback and suggestions to Council regarding emerging needs of the current sporting infrastructure for inclusion.
Clubs to create awards that recognise members who help to create a safe and welcoming environment for all.
Develop recruitment strategy to increase the level of diversity in both club membership and board membership.
Create training schedules that promote fair access and fairly distribute facility use to all users.
Consult with players, coaches and parents to understand the needs prior to setting the training schedule.
Introducing low-commitment options to introduce women and girls of diverse backgrounds to the club, programs and/or sport incorporating the lens of intersectionality.
Establish a culture of consulting with all stakeholders in the club to understand barriers, challenges and needs of existing members and emerging members from diverse backgrounds.
Identify gaps and needs in the inclusion and fair access space and explore available programs with Council to bridge these gaps.
Clubs that champion diversity to share their stories at forums, newsletter and social media.
Form allyship with clubs that champion inclusion. Share stories, challenges, opportunities and experience.
Participate in training sessions and broader conversations about gender equity in community sports.
Work with national, state, and local Australian Rules Football Associations & Leagues on awareness and education programs on issues directly affecting women and girls such as increasing injuries playing Australian Rules Football.

Should there be incentives for clubs who are positively demonstrating the Fair Access principles?

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