Why do we have a Public Health and Wellbeing Plan?

    Council is legislated by the Health and Wellbeing Act to prepare a four-year municipal health and wellbeing plan upon the election of each new Council. Kingston’s Health and Wellbeing Plan outlines Council’s commitment in developing and promoting being healthy and well to its residents. 

    Council is also committed to the safety if its community and plays a key leadership role in contributing toward the actual and perceived safety of its residents. The Community Safety Strategy provides a strategic framework for Council to improve the safety for all residents and visitors of Kingston. 

    How will this information be used?

    All information collected through the consultation methods will be used to inform the development of the updated Public Health and Wellbeing Plan and Community Safety Strategy for 2017-2021. It will also be used to inform the delivery of services and facilities throughout Kingston. 

    How will my information be stored?

    All information gathered through the consultation methods will be stored in Council’s and the survey provider’s secure information databases. Your personal identifying information is not presented with or linked to your consultation input provided.