Why are new facilities needed?

    Kingston, along with the rest of Melbourne, has experienced significant population growth in recent years.

    At the same time we’ve seen rising participation from women and girls.

    The result is sporting clubs in Kingston are growing from strength to strength – which is great.

    But extra players means greater demand for playing fields, change rooms and other facilities – which Council is under increasing pressure to provide.

    Since 2011, soccer participation alone has jumped 59% in Kingston with strong growth in junior female teams.

    Why are you considering changes at Kerr Crescent Reserve?

    The Aspendale Stingrays Soccer Club currently plays a number of venues right across Kingston, and has turned interested players away as they have no room to grow.

    There are very limited sporting facilities on offer in Aspendale Gardens, which are commonly found in other suburbs across Kingston, to meet the needs of the local community. These facilities provide local opportunities for residents, particularly young people to engage with sporting and club based activities.


    Council is investigating ways to provide improved facilities that are close to home for the growing Aspendale Stingrays Soccer Club. A large number of the club’s 450+members are from Aspendale Gardens, Aspendale and Waterways. 

    Did Council consider other sites?

    Yes, however there are very few local sites that are large enough to provide multiple playing fields. 

    The only other viable potential site was Doug Denyer Reserve in Mordialloc. 

    What facilities are being considered as part of the development?

    Council is considering providing a multi-sport facility at the site that would include:

    o  4 x soccer fields or 2 cricket/AFL ovals

    o  Pavilion facility

    o  Car parking

    o  Access

    o  Sports lighting 

    Will there be glare from the sporting field lighting?

    Modern sports lighting has come a long way in recent years, with improved technology that targets where light is directed and minimises light spillage.

    The proposed sports lighting would be designed in accordance with Australian Standards – which has specific controls relating to glare and lighting levels at property boundaries. 

    Council would engage an independent consultant to design the sports lighting to certify that it meets Australian Standards.   

    It is common practice that sports lighting is not to be used after 9pm. 

    What car parking will be included?

    Council has engaged an independent traffic consultant who has advised that around 100-120 spaces are needed to meet core demand if the proposed facilities proceeded.  This would cover the majority of demand generated at the site, however there would be some use of parking in local streets at key peak times. 

    Council is exploring different ways to meet the car parking requirements and seeking feedback from residents about whether they would prefer the majority of parking demand be met on-site, a balance of on-site and on-street parking, or a majority of on-street parking. 

    How will the pavilion be used?

    The pavilion would include change spaces, toilets, umpire facilities etc to meet sporting needs for training and game days.  It would also include a space for club functions and activities. 

    Use of the space for non-club activities requires Council approval.

    Council does not allow sporting pavilions to be used for private parties. 

    Will the dog off-lead park at Nurten Parade Reserve be impacted?

    No, that is a separate park. Nurten Parade Reserve is located between Nurten Parade and Lance Close.  This is the declared dog-off lead park in Aspendale Gardens.  It is located 500m away from the Kerr Cres Reserve, which is located behind the Aspendale Gardens Primary School.   

    I’m worried the works could cause flooding in the area

    Melbourne Water approval would be required before any development could proceed. 

    The first step in the process is seeking community feedback on a range of different options for the site. 

    If Council decides to proceed with a preferred option, Council would then engage a hydrologist to provide specialist technical advice to ensure any planned works meet Melbourne Water’s requirements.

    Why can’t you put more sporting facilities at Edithvale Common instead?

    There are limited opportunities for further sporting use at Edithvale Common due to the environmental considerations at that site.

    For example, high-level sports lighting is not permitted at the site, which severely limits training opportunities during the darker winter months. 

    For this reason,  the site is not considered a viable proposition to meet the needs of the local sporting clubs.

    Will there be an adverse impact upon the environment?

    Council has obtained specialist ecological advice stating that “the conservation significance of the site is low”.

    However if Council decides to proceed with a development of the site planning permission may be required to remove vegetation, depending on the preferred site layout.