Why is Council doing this consultation?

    Council has made a commitment to continue to invest in building improvements to Kingston Arts Centre, Kingston City Hall and Shirley Burke Theatre. In March, 2019, Council authorised Officers to engage consultants to undertake a review of the community requirements, business case and structural feasibility to inform the development of a Kingston City Hall Stage 2 Master Plan. This consultation is being undertaken as part of the community requirements, to ensure there is community input to inform Council’s decision-making and to increase the likelihood that what is proposed will meet the needs of future generations. 

    What will the feedback be used for?

    Your feedback will inform the development of the Kingston City Hall Master Plan (Stage 2) which will outline opportunities and priorities for future generations and be considered by Council. The Master Plan will present a vision for the future, with long-range goals and objectives that are intended to guide future actions. 

    Where is Kingston City Hall?

    Kingston City Hall is located at 979-985 Nepean Highway (on the corner of South Road) in Moorabbin. It is 20 minutes from St Kilda along the Nepean Highway and 25 minutes from Frankston.

    How can I find out more about Kingston City Hall and Kingston Arts?