What is a Structure Plan?

    A Structure Plan is a plan for how a specific area will grow and change in the future. It looks at things like what the community needs, how new buildings will be built, and what roads and other facilities are needed. Each area is different, so each plan is made to fit that area's unique needs and vision. We want your input to help create the plan for Chelsea. The anticipated boundary for the Chelsea Structure Plan can be found below.

    What is an Activity Centre?

    An Activity Centre is a vibrant community hub where people shop, meet, relax, and often live. Activity Centres are well served by public transport and provide a range of services and infrastructure. Chelsea is one of six Major Activity Centres in the City of Kingston.

    Why are we developing a Structure Plan for Chelsea?

    Vibrant Activity Centres need long term plans, and while Chelsea is one of Kingston’s six Major Activity Centres it does not currently have a Structure Plan. Developing a Chelsea Structure Plan will provide a long-term vision for the centre.

    Does this mean more development?

    The Structure Plan will ensure that Chelsea is well planned and that future development and change are well-managed and meet the needs of the community.

    Kingston Council has long campaigned to see population growth centred around our key activity centres, close to public transport, shops and services to allow us to protect the amenity of our quieter streets. 

    The Structure Plan will ensure that Chelsea can accommodate appropriate growth without losing the features we love most about the local area. 

    How long will it take to implement?

    A Structure Plan helps to shape a long-term vision and planning direction for an area over a 20-year timeframe. Some changes may take place in the near future, whilst others may not happen for many years.

    Following extensive community consultation and engagement, it is expected that the Draft Structure Plan will be completed by early 2025. You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the Draft Structure Plan before it is adopted. 

    Council is keen to explore opportunities for partnerships with the community and local businesses in delivering on the Structure Plan.