How do I get involved?

    You can fill in our short survey and let us know what’s important to you, or drop in and see us at one of our Pop-up sessions! You can also join our mailing list to receive project updates direct to your inbox.

    What happens to the old vision?

    Kingston’s current LivingKingston 2035 Vision has been a valuable guide for Council since 2013 however, a lot has happened since then and it is time to refresh it for the future.

    What is a Community Vision?

    A Community Vision sets out the long-term aspirations of the community. It is an important document that will be driven, developed and owned by the Kingston community.

    The Community Vision will also shape our next four-year Council Plan, and 10-year plans for how we manage the city’s finances and assets.

    What are the guiding plans?

    Your feedback, and the work of the Community Panel will be used to develop the:

    • Community Vision
    • 4-year Council Plan
    • 10-year Financial Plan
    • Public Health and Wellbeing Plan
    • Asset Plans
    • Revenue and Rating Plan.

    What’s the process?

    Your Kingston Your Future is a long and complex project that will run for most of 2021.

    We already have lots of great info! Thank you to everyone that provided feedback in our recent neighbourhood Liveability Study. This has provided us with valuable insight into what you value most in your neighbourhood and will help identify priority areas for Council investment.

    Throughout February-March we will be asking for your thoughts on what you want for the future, to supplement the data from our Liveability Study.  

    We’ll be doing this through online engagement and workshops, drop-in events and direct conversations.

    We will also be sending invites out to a random sample of Kingston residents asking for expressions of interest to be part of the Community Panel that will develop our brand new Community Vision and help influence the guiding plans. Keep your eye on the mailbox!

    The panel will be independently selected and made up of around 40 people who represent Kingston’s community by geography, age and gender.

    The Community Panel will meet over 6 weeks to deep dive into your feedback from the Liveability Study and the first stage of engagement. They will also be given a lot of data and information and consider many different views to create the vision document on behalf of the Kingston community.

    We will let you know how they are going along the way!

    When they are done, the Community Panel will present the new Community Vision to Councillors for adoption.

    They will also present their recommendations for the guiding plans. Council will then finalise the draft guiding plans and provide them to the community for feedback and review.

    What is a Community Panel?

    A Community Panel is a democratic tool used all over the world. It brings together a randomly selected group of people who broadly represent the entire community. The people who attend learn about issues, discuss them with one another, and then make recommendations about what should happen and how things should change.

    Can I join the Community Panel?

    Only residents that have received an invite can express their interest to join the panel. 

    Why are we doing this work?

    Changes to the Local Government Act have created the opportunity to work collaboratively with our community and build a shared vision that sets out the long-term aspirations of the community and shapes our next four-year Council Plan, and 10-year plans for how we manage the city’s finances and assets.