What are the timeframes for construction?

    Construction is due to commence in late 2022 and is expected to take approximately 12 months. Temporary facilities will be provided to the sporting clubs during construction

    Will any trees be removed?

    Reducing the impact of the trees within the reserve has been a key factor in the projects design, however the installation of new car parking has required some trees within the reserve to be removed.  Additional trees have been planted within the reserve to offset those removed.

    What other works are being completed from the Master Plan?

    Improved car parking, pathways, lighting and wayfinding will also occur as part of the master plan rollout; however, these works are proposed to occur following the completion of the pavilion redevelopment.

    Are you changing the car parking?

    An extension to the existing car parking was completed in 2022, with the existing car parking to be formalised following the construction of the new pavilion.