How will traffic and parking be impacted?

    Council is aware of restricted car parking at Regents Park. In winter there is a reliance on the local street network to accommodate additional car parking on game days. A recent traffic survey (post the development of the new netball courts) confirms that on street car parking in the local area has not exceeded capacity on Saturdays during football and netball games.  The traffic survey does recognise that higher levels of car parking in some surrounding streets, including Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Ave and Lochiel Ave. However car parking in these streets is below the calculated capacity. A further consideration is that Saturday football and netball games are generally undertaken on 9 occasions per year.

    To assist the orderly on street car parking, Council has installed parking measures e.g. ‘hockey stick’ marking in local streets. This approach was taken following a survey of local residents. 

    The car parking within the reserve (approximately 70 cars) has been calculated to accommodate the demands associated with a 200 person function, as planned for with the sizing of the pavilion function/social room.

    What are the timeframe for construction?

    Construction is due to commence in mid-2022 and is expected to take approximately 12months.   Temporary facilities will be provided to the sporting clubs during construction.

    Will any trees be removed?

    The pavilion design has been developed to avoid the removal of established trees. During construction tree protection measures will be installed to protect trees and vegetation.

    Are Town Planning approvals required for the pavilion?

    As there are no statutory planning approvals for the planned pavilion, a planning permit is not required for the development.

    Are there plans to upgrade the tennis courts?

    Yes. Council is working with Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Aspendale Tennis Club to upgrade the four red porous clay courts to a synthetic surface. The timing of these works is planned from early 2022

    What are the Club's obligations for conducting events?

    To lessen the impact upon residential amenity, the Club’s obligations for conducting events at the pavilion are proposed to include:

     Ensuring that the level of noise emitted from the Pavilion shall not exceed the permissible noise levels for entertainment noise as specified in the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music from Public Premises) No. N-2

     Ensuring that windows and doors facing residential properties are closed from 10pm to reduce the likelihood of noise impacting local residents

     Ceasing the use of the outdoor terrace area from 10pm

     Ensuring that amplified noise ceases at or before 11pm on Friday and Saturday nights and 10pm on other week nights

     Displaying signs on the premises advising patrons to depart quickly and quietly to reduce the impact of noise on surrounding residents

     Patrons are to be advised that they are not to loiter in the car park area following the completion of functions and events

     Maintaining and complying with the conditions of an approved Liquor License

     Implementing and managing agreements for third party hire of the pavilion

     Acting as the first point of contact with the management of complaints.